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This cap is dedicated to Katarzyna Kobro.

She was one of the most distinguished female sculptors of the inter-war period. And also one of the most tragic figures in the history of twentieth-century Polish art.

A war exile because of her German-Russian origins, Kobro lost some of her sculptures when they were tossed onto the scrap-heap during the war. Her dramatic post-war separation with Władysław Strzemiński made it necessity for her to earn a living to care for her child.

She also had to defend herself in court against the accusation of “deviating from the Polish nationality”, having signed the so-called “Russian list” during the war.

All of this, as well as her final battle against a terminal illness, sapped her creative forces during the last years of her life. As result, Kobro has long remained in the shadow of Strzemiński, on the margins of the avant-garde art scene in Łódź.

“Her suprematist sculptures are a phenomenon of Europe-wide importance. Her works are an authentic step forward, constituting a victory for impregnable values; they are not an imitation of Malevich, but are rather part of a parallel oeuvre”

You can find out more about her works and tragic life here.

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5 panel cycling cap (short peak).

This cycling cap is great for cycling and casual use.

Premium quality.

Available in S size (up to 55 cm) and in M size (56-60 cm).

Made in EU (Poland).

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