The renowned Mechanik bike workshop has opened in a new location in Katowice (Silesia, Poland). The bikeshop co-oparates together with Powolna Niedziela Tour (known as PNT) magazine and now offers also some of Cheesy stuff (the 5 panels and Ride or Die collection). The crew invites you to stop by for a little chit-chat, coffee, bike service and shopping. Definitely worth visiting if you’re around!

Our frinds from Hi Riders Drugs had launched a brand new workshop! They specialize in building fixies and single-speed bikes for custom orders. Check out their new premises at WWW.


Recently we teamed up with a creative bikeshop from Warsaw – Antymateria. Check out some pics we did together in a Warsaw’s bike-orienteded cafe Dwa Osiem. You can find more photos on our fanpage. All pics are by

In 2014 Cheesy joined togather with Hi Riders Drugs to build a camo bike. We made custom pedalstraps in the Swedish camo pattern which fits the custom painted rear wheel of this bike. Hope to show you the full setup soon!