Ride Like a Girl – Michelle

Name: MichelleLocation: Santa Cruz, CA, USADiscipline: I’ve kind of ran the gamut in terms of cycling disciplines. I started out riding track bikes, got into bike polo, then found CX, realized MTBs were super fun so I got a hardtail, got a BMX bike, worked as a messenger, raced tracklocross, did a handful of bike tours, and then

Ride Like a Girl – Olya

Name: Olya fon FursmanLocation: Born in Moscow region. Currently in Sochi, Russia.Discipline: fixed gear What does riding mean to you? It’s a way to feel free and stop overthinking. A way to regain your sense of self and feel happiness. A way to relieve anxiety. A way to remind myself that I can do whatever I want.

Ride Like a Girl – Jule

Name: JuleLocation: RostockDiscipline: offroad / tracklocross / cyclocross / messenger What does riding mean to you? Riding the bike means to have absolute freedom. Independence plays a big role in my life, I guess that’s the reason why I am drawn to the bicycle. The sport gives me the aspect of being physically active and reaching

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