Ride Like a Girl – Emma

Name: Emma Missale Location: Now based in Copenhagen (DK) Discipline: Trying to get ‘em all… I’ve started riding track bikes mainly for working as a bike messenger in Milan and racing alleycats and tracklocross, but also travelling. Slowly got into road, gravel and cx. Once I moved to Copenhagen three years ago I really discovered

Ride Like Them – Sebastien

Name: Sebastien Sutherland (they/them) Location: Amsterdam Discipline: I ride road, gravel & cyclocross and also run an LGBTQIA+ cycling club called Queer Wheels What does riding mean to you? Riding to me is freedom. Freedom to be myself. It’s not just a sport to me, it’s a way of life. I’ve found myself through cycling

Ride Like a Girl – Éliane

Name: Éliane Location: Montreal Discipline: Fixed gear – I’ve been riding fixed gear bikes for close to 10 years. I’m a bike messenger and bikepacker, all done fixed. What does riding mean to you? Riding to me means liberty. Liberty from society, liberty from car culture. When I’m working as a messenger, riding makes me feel like I’m unstoppable, going in between cars, faster than all

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