Name: Bijou Vaultz Location: New York/New Jersey  Discipline: Road cycling What does riding mean to you? Riding gave me a sense of community. You’re never alone on the bike. I’ll pass someone, we smile and wave and that brings me so much joy. I’ve met so many important people in my life because of cycling

Ride Like a Girl – Michelle

Name: Michelle Location: Santa Cruz, CA, USA Discipline: I’ve kind of ran the gamut in terms of cycling disciplines. I started out riding track bikes, got into bike polo, then found CX, realized MTBs were super fun so I got a hardtail, got a BMX bike, worked as a messenger, raced tracklocross, did a handful of bike tours,

Ride Like a Girl – Olya

Name: Olya fon FursmanLocation: Born in Moscow region. Currently in Sochi, Russia.Discipline: fixed gear What does riding mean to you? It’s a way to feel free and stop overthinking. A way to regain your sense of self and feel happiness. A way to relieve anxiety. A way to remind myself that I can do whatever I want.

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