Ride Like a Girl – Dazie


Dazie Holt
Brooklyn New York
Road, Track/fixed crits, Gravel/off-road

What does riding mean to you?

Riding, to me and probably most people, is pure freedom. I come and go and do whatever I want as I please without waiting for other people or transportation schedules. I always joke that riding a bike to me is like when Regina George joined lacrosse at the end of Mean Girls. It’s an important way for me to better connect with myself and other people, and work my body into shape to try to have an overall healthier lifestyle. Plus I love going fast, I love pushing myself and I’ve found a great way to do that with cycling and racing.

What is your favourite set up?

My favourite set up is whatever I’m riding that day honestly.
I really enjoy all of my bikes, and they’re all very specifically set up to do exactly what they are supposed to do. My Surly Straggler is probably my most versatile bike, but I’m strongly attached to my road bike and fixed ones as well. I came from riding fixed bikes back in 2012/13, so they’ll always have a special place with me.

Do you think the environment is male dominated?

I totally think the Industry is male-dominated. Almost everything is. But does that mean I think women don’t have a voice, or that men control everything overall? Absolutely not. To this day, women don’t get the same national media coverage. We aren’t allowed to race in TDF [Tour the France]. We don’t get the same timeslots, the same coverage, the same pay rates. This is all globally. However, I think locally with in the community, there’s tons of super strong women who are leaders and who are trying to change this narrative. More women ride bikes than ever before, but in the race scene there’s more men. So that’s the conflict right? How do we make Cycling and Racing more accessible or appealing to the women who are already riding when the general community is so male driven.

Any riding plans for the future?

My riding plans for the future? Honestly, probably tomorrow. All racing is canceled for the foreseeable future, so it’s been up to individuals to create their own fun. I worked on my bike about four days a week before, but now I’m using this free time to do a lot more road and gravel rides which I’ve reallllyyy been enjoying. It’s been great to take a small step back and ride purely for the love of it, without feeling the pass and fail pressure of training. To just reconnect.

Mission crit could be happening in September, and same with Intellegencia in July, so those are my races for this year I’m trying to go to, obviously it’s all up in the air however. But I truly love the community of people who hold these races and make it happen for us, so I deeply appreciate you people and those who show up to make it possible.

Ride like a girl is a series of interviews with WTF (women *trans femme) riders from around the world. If you would like to be contributed drop us an email.