Our frinds from Hi Riders Drugs had launched a brand new workshop! They specialize in building fixies and single-speed bikes for custom orders. Check out their new premises at WWW.


Recently we teamed up with a creative bikeshop from Warsaw – Antymateria. Check out some pics we did together in a Warsaw’s bike-orienteded cafe Dwa Osiem. You can find more photos on our fanpage. All pics are by http://www.wojciechartyniew.com

In 2014 Cheesy joined togather with Hi Riders Drugs to build a camo bike. We made custom pedalstraps in the Swedish camo pattern which fits the custom painted rear wheel of this bike. Hope to show you the full setup soon!

Cheesy – formerly as Royal with Cheese – has been on the bike stage since 2008. For las couple of years Cheesy has become an independent brand dedicated to fixed gear, singlespeed, roadbike and other vehicles users. Be Cheesy!